Please note: University of California, Berkeley, no longer serves as the technical host for Digital Scriptorium (DS) effective June 30, 2022. The database of records and images is no longer accessible at this time. However, we have uploaded legacy data to open access Zenodo repositories, which are available to download through our Zenodo community.

The DS website will be maintained for informational purposes until DS 2.0, powered by Wikibase, can be linked to the website following release of the Beta version in 2023. The website may be down at certain times during the transition period. We appreciate your patience during this transition.

Please direct questions or concerns to Lynn Ransom, current President of Digital Scriptorium, or L.P. Coladangelo, Digital Scriptorium 2.0 Project Manager.

Digital Scriptorium is a growing consortium of American cultural heritage institutions committed to offering open online access to their collections of premodern manuscripts. The DS consortium comprises a variety of institutions, from large research universities to small public libraries and private museums. Click here to learn more about membership, including how to become a member institution of Digital Scriptorium.

Digital Scriptorium 2.0 will be a Linked Open Database uniting scattered resources from many different institutions across the country into a single digital platform to support teaching and scholarly research. Click here to learn more about the Digital Scriptorium 2.0 project.

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