Research and Documentation

DS-Related Publications

Dutschke, C. W. (2008). Digital Scriptorium: Ten years young, and working on survival. Storicamente4, 1-12.

Faulhaber, C. B. (1999). The Digital Scriptorium: A new way to study medieval Iberian manuscripts. In D. Dougherty & M. M. Azevedo (Eds.), Multicultural Iberia: Language, literature, and music.

Humphrey, J. (2007). Manuscripts and metadata: Descriptive metadata in three manuscript catalogs: DigCIM, MALVINE, and Digital Scriptorium. Cataloging & Classification Quarterly45(2), 19-39.

Johnston, M. (2000). The Digital Scriptorium and Master: Two major initiatives in online manuscript cataloging: A report from the 2001 International Congress on Medieval Studies. La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures29(2), 249-256.

Mendenhall, T. R., & Haugen, M. (2023, March 9). Migrating manuscript data from Digital Scriptorium to CLIO. Technically Speaking.

DS 2.0 Project Research

Koho, M., Coladangelo, L. P., Ransom, L., & Emery, D. (2023). A Wikibase model for premodern manuscript metadata harmonization, linked data integration, and discovery. Journal of Computing and Cultural Heritage, 1-26.

Coladangelo, L. P., Ransom, L., & Emery, D. (2022, December 2). Digital Scriptorium 2.0: Toward a community-driven LOD knowledge base and national union catalog for premodern manuscripts [Conference presentation]. 14th Semantic Web in Libraries Conference (SWIB22).
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DS 2.0 Project Reports and Documentation

Project Development Documentation and Open Data Repositories

Project Reports and Presentations

DS 2.0 May 2022 Stakeholder Meeting (YouTube video)

IMLS Project Report No. 4, December 2021 (PDF)

DS 2.0 2021 Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)

IMLS Project Report No. 3, June 2021 (PDF)

Plans for Data Model and Workflow from 2nd Stakeholder Meeting, April 2021 (PDF)

Comparison of Data Fields in Digital Manuscript Library/Catalog Projects (PDF)

Environmental Scan, March 2021 (PDF)

Data Assessment, February 2021 (PDF)

IMLS Project Report No. 2, February 2021 (PDF)

Schoenberg Symposium Lightning Talk, 18-20 Nov 2020: Digital Scriptorium 2.0 Planning Grant (YouTube video)

IMLS Project Report No. 1, November 2020 (PDF)

DS Institutional Survey Results (PDF)

IMLS Grant Project Narrative, June 2020 (PDF)

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