Wikibase Introduction

The DS Catalog is powered by Wikibase, a Linked Open Database infrastructure that stores DS member metadata as Linked Open Data (LOD). Wikibase is the same software which supports Wikidata, a LOD hub that serves as the world’s fastest growing knowledge graph.

Although member data can be searched and accessed through the DS Catalog, the DS Wikibase provides for further access and discovery of DS member data through its LOD structures and practices. Additionally, our LOD enrichment of member records now connects member metadata to our DS Authorities, which in turn link to other Linked Open Vocabularies like the Getty Vocabularies and the Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST). This makes DS data interoperable with other Linked Open Data, adding greater value and context to member metadata records.

To understand how member metadata is structured as LOD, click here to learn more about the DS Wikibase.

For those interested in doing more advanced linked data research, click here to learn more about our SPARQL Endpoint provided through the Wikibase Query Service.

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