DS 2.0

DS 2.0 is the project to reimagine and rebuild the Digital Scriptorium online resource as an inclusive online union catalog for all premodern manuscripts in the United States. In July 2020, with the University of Pennsylvania serving as our administrative sponsor, DS was awarded a National Leadership for Libraries grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This page is to document the work on the project funded by the grant as we rebuild DS for the future.
This redevelopment will connect an international user community to multiple aggregated repositories through a national union catalog powered by Linked Open Data. Through this linked data infrastructure, users will be able to discover further information about member collections by exploring the Digital Scriptorium data as well as by navigating the links provided to the websites of our member institutions.

DS 2.0 Project Staff

Project Director: Lynn Ransom, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Penn Libraries
Project Manager: L.P. Coladangelo, Kent State University & Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Penn Libraries
Technical Consultant: Doug Emery, Penn Libraries

DS 2.0 Presentation at the Semantic Web in Libraries 2022 (SWIB22) Conference: December 2, 2022

DS 2.0 Working Implementation Timeline

(as of September 2022)

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

  • Fall 2022
    • Workflows finalized
    • Local version Prototype developed
    • User Interface (public website) in development
  • End of 2022
    • Prototype moving into Beta version
  • Early 2023
    • Beta version initiated through member data contributions
    • User interface testing
  • Spring 2023
    • User interface launched