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1. New York, New York Public Library, Spencer Collection, NYPL Spencer 011
Description: - ff. 152 - Bound, s. XV, in stamped leather over wooden boards cut almost flush to book block at fore edge, 2 fore edge clasps closing to front boards; evidence of 5 bosses on each cover. - Given (Aug. 16, 1544) by Magdalena ab Hessburg to "poeta Bruschius" (? the historian Caspar Brusch, 1518-59). Belonged later to the Charterhouse at Buxheim. Graf Hugo von Waldbott-Bassenheim sale (1883). Bought for Spencer from W.M. Voynich, 1922. - De Ricci, 1377-8. - Jonathan J. G. Alexander, James H. Marrow and Lucy Freeman Sandler, The Splendor of the Word: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at the New York Public Library(London / Turnhout: The New York Public Library / Harvey Miller Publishers, 2005) n. 39.
Language: LATIN, Rhenish   Country: Germany   Century: 13th
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