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1. New York, New York Public Library, Spencer Collection, NYPL Spencer 019
Description: - ff. 140 - Original wooden boards covered with white deerskin. - Owned by Sir Thomas Cumberworth, who bequeathed it (1450) to his chaplain. Given ca. 1500 to nunnery of Marrick by widow of Sir Richard Radcliffe. John Cowper; Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland; Lord Leconfield; acquired for Spencer, 1928. - De Ricci, 1339. Dictionary Catalog, Spencer Collection, 901. Kathleen L. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscriptsc, II, no. 74, pp. 217-9. V. Palsits, "The Petworth Manuscript of 'Grace Dieu'...", Bulletin of NYPLXXXII (1928), 715-20. - Jonathan J. G. Alexander, James H. Marrow and Lucy Freeman Sandler, The Splendor of the Word: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at the New York Public Library(London / Turnhout: The New York Public Library / Harvey Miller Publishers, 2005) n. 94.
Language: LATIN, MiddleEnglish   Country: England   Century: 15th
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