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San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 01104
Description: ff. ii + 248 + ii - Bound, s. XIX, in tooled red velvet with light blue watered silk endpapers; gauffered gilt edges. - The first portion of the manuscript, ff. 1-202v, was copied at the beginning of the fifteenth century in two stages (probably concurrent). A first scribe copied the more usual texts of a book of hours, including the short hours of the Holy Spirit and of the Cross; he collaborated with the first artist who worked in the style of the Master of Luçon. A second scribe and illuminator were responsible for the less common material (the short hours of the Trinity, the Dead, All Saints, the Eucharist, the Virgin and St. Catherine) which was then meshed with the standard texts to convert the material to a full week of specific devotions. At the end of the century, ca. 1490, a later owner in the south of France added ff. 203-244 and had the illuminations of the first part retouched, sometimes extensively, by an artist whose style derived from that of Jean Colombe. This later owner's coat of arms, f. 203: or a tree proper fructed or on a chief azure a rose gules between 2 leaves (?) in pale or. His name may have been "Julian," as that saint is invoked in the suffrage on f. 210, and the initial "G" appears in the prayers, ff. 216, 220, 224; the prayer on f. 218v reads "…Sana me domine et libera me de isto languore B. et a presenti tribulatione G. ab omni infamia…" Acquired ca. 1830 by Sir John Hayford Thorold of Syston Park; his book plate and monogrammed label on the front pastedown; his sale, Sotheby's, 12 December 1884, lot 965 to Quaritch; in the Quaritch General Catalogue 6 (1887) n. 35711, and in that firm's Hand-list (1890) n. 11. The manuscript belonged to E. Dwight Church (1835-1908); his ex libris on the pastedown with "400 Eng" penned on the lower margin; in his Catalogue…of English Literature (1909) vol. 1, n. 400 with a plate of f. 21. A pencilled note on f. ii calls the manuscript "Heures de la Rose," using the name first applied in the 1887 Quaritch catalogue and taken up in the Church catalogue. Henry E. Huntington bought the Church collection in 1911. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). De Ricci , 93. S. C. Chew, The Pilgrimage of Life (Yale University Press 1962) fig. 1 of f. 191.
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Language: Latin; Occitan Latin Country: France Century: 15th
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Part 1: ff. 1-202v
Description: - Parchment - 178 x 263 mm - 16 26(+1 leaf in the second half; the last leaf is blank) 38(-1 leaf in the second half; through f. 20, blank) 4-68 76(through f. 50) 810(through f. 60) 98 104(through f. 72) 11-158 164(through f. 116) 17-218 22-244^4# 256(through f. 174) 26-274 288^8#(through f. 190) 294(through f. 194) 30-314(through f. 202). Note that the divisions of the text in this part correspond to breaks between the quires; this is particularly evident for the series of short hours and the Seven Joys: each is copied on a separate quire. Ruled space, 133 x 75 mm; 15 long lines ruled in pale red ink
Country: FranceCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XVinSearchable Date Range: 1400 - 1415
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Gothic
Artist(s): Luçon Master, style of
Figurative Decoration: Twenty-two large miniatures.
Other Decoration:
Notes: The miniatures occur on the first recto of the quires, except for those on ff. 32, 56 and 65, which are positioned on one of the two rectos of the center bifolium. A second artist, contemporary to the main artist, worked on the supplemental materials; his work coincides with that of the second scribe. Latin
Acknowledgments: - This description owes much to extensive notes left by Dorothy Miner. We thank Prof. James Marrow for the identification of the style of the miniatures.
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-202v
Title: Book of Hours, use of Rome
Language(s): Latin
Notes: ff. 1-12v, calendar [f. 13r-v, blank]; ff. 14-19, pericopes of the Gospels [ff. 19v-20v, ruled, but blank]; ff. 21-96v, Hours of the Virgin, use of Rome with changes for Advent; ff. 97-116v, penitential psalms and litany, including Martialis as the last of the apostles; ff. 117-160v, Office of the Dead, use of Rome. Hours for each day of the week, as follow: ff. 161-164v, Short hours of the Trinity; ff. 165-168v, Short hours of the Dead; ff. 169-174v, Short hours of the Holy Spirit; ff. 175-178v, Short hours of All Saints; ff. 179-182v, Short hours of the Eucharist; ff. 183-190v, Short hours of the Cross; ff. 191-194v, Short hours of the Virgin; ff. 195-198v, Short hours of St. Catherine; ff. 199-202, Septem gaudia beate marie virginis [f. 202v, blank]. 

Part 2: ff. 203-248v
Description: - Parchment - 178 x 263 mm - Quires with numeration continued from Part 1: 32-368 376. Catchwords written vertically along the inner bounding line; quire and leaf signatures as letters, a-[f], and roman numerals, with an × on the first leaf of the second half of the gathering. Ruled space, 133 x 75 mm; 15 long lines ruled in light brown ink.
Country: FranceCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XVexSearchable Date Range: 1485 - 1499
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Bâtarde
Artist(s): Jean Colombe, style of
Figurative Decoration: Three miniatures.
Notes: Note that the artist of Part 2 also retouched the illustration of Part 1 in varying degrees. Latin
Acknowledgments: - We thank Prof. James Marrow for the identification of the style of the miniatures.
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 203-248v
Title: Prayerbook
Language(s): Latin; Occitan
Notes: ff. 203-236, Prayers in Latin; ff. 236-244v, Penitential material in Occitan. C. Brunel, Bibliographie des manuscrits littéraires en ancien provençal (Paris 1935) n. 53. E. Roditi, "Huntington Library Manuscript HM 1104: A Religious Orthodox Text in Provençal," Annali dell'Istituto Universitario Orientale 22, 1 (Naples 1980) 189-200.