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San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 01081
Description: Vol. 1, ff. 196; Vol. 2, ff. 210 - Bound, s. XIX exeunte, in English brown morocco. - Written in the eleventh century, for the main body of the text; vol. I, ff. 1-24v added at a later date; place of origin uncertain. Belonged to the monastery of the Pantocrator on Mt. Athos until modern times and may have been alienated during the disturbances of the 1820s. Quaritch Gen. Cat. (1868) n. 1; Gen. Cat. (1875-77) pp. 1139-1140, n. [15597]; Gen. Cat. (1880) n. 6 and Cat. 332 (November 1880) n. 6. Henry White sale, Sotheby's, 21 April 1902, n. 838 to B. F. Stevens for William K. Bixby (1857-1931) of St. Louis, Missouri; acquired by Henry E. Huntington through G. D. Smith in August 1918. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). De Ricci, 89-90. K. W. Clark, A Descriptive Catalogue of Greek New Testament Manuscripts in America (Chicago 1937) 119-21, with plate of vol. 2, f. 34, and full bibliography. K. Aland, Kurzgefasste Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments (Berlin 1963) n. 703.
Acknowledgments: - We are grateful to Dr. Nigel Wilson for his invaluable assistance in preparing this description.
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Language: Greek Country: Undetermined Century: 11th
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Part 1: Vol. 1, ff. 1-196
Description: - Parchment - 165 x 215 mm - Vol 1: 1 (ff. 1-4 of uncertain structure) 210(-3, 4 after f. 6) 3^8# 44^4#(through f. 24) 510(-5 after f. 23) 6-108 118(-5 after f. 77) 12-158 168(-6 after f. 117) 17-258 268(-6, 7, 8). Vol 2: 14 28(-one leaf in the first half) 3-168 1710(-3 after f. 125, and -7 after f. 128) 18-198 206(+3 and its conjunct 6, ff. 150 and 153, and +7, f. 154) 21-268 278. Quires numbered in lower left corner of first recto, running continuously through both volumes, beginning with this description's quire 5, on f. 25, ᾱ-μη. Main text in 20 long lines through quire 11, thereafter in 18 long lines. Ruled in hard point on the flesh side with double rules bounding the text space vertically, and again in the 3 outer margins; horizontal rules for the text run across through the gutter. On ff. 2-4, the chronicle: 20-21 long lines frame ruled in dry point, written in a minuscule script, s. XIII. On ff. 5-22v: 27-29 long lines or tables, ruled in dry point with double vertical bounding lines, written in a minuscule script probably contemporary to, but different from the hand of the chronicle. On f. 23, the Ὑπόθεσις of the gospel of Matthew: in long lines, ruled as on ff. 5-22v, written in an almost semi-uncial script. On ff. 23v-24v, ruled as on ff. 5-23.
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Assigned Date: s. XISearchable Date Range: 1000 - 1099
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Script: Minuscule; Quasi semi-uncial
Music: Ecphonetic musical notation in carmine ink (lectionary use)
Figurative Decoration: Four evangelist portraits added to the manuscript at a later date. The portrait of Matthew, vol. I, f. 1v, 163 × 117 mm. and framed by a narrow red strip, possibly dates from the thirteenth century, as it appears to be on the same parchment (weight, size, frame ruling and distortion) as the following text. Offset ink of red arches on f. 1 and green tinge (soaked through from Matthew's robe?) on ff. 4v and 5 suggest that the evangelist's portrait once followed f. 4. The other 3 portraits are painted on leaves ruled as is the main text and evidently part of the regular quire structure (vol. 2, f. 5 with the portrait of Luke on its verso bears the quire signature κγ); presumably, however, they were also done in the thirteenth century after the portrait of Matthew had been added to the volume; they are by a less capable artist, and are framed by a red band outlined in black with small decorations at the corners; the portraits are: vol. 1, f. 125v, 177 × 135 mm., Mark, as a young man with dark hair and beard; vol. 2, f. 5v, 190 × 135 mm., Luke as a young light-haired man, tonsured and with a beard, writing; vol. 2, f. 119, 155 × 135 mm. and placed below 3 lines of script, John as an old man with balding head and white beard (this portrait considerably damaged).
Other Decoration: Finely illuminated headpieces of delicate blue, red and green floral patterns on gold grounds on beginning leaf of each gospel; opening initials, 4-line, in the same colors, placed outside the written space; 1-line initials and section numbers in gold over red placed outside the written space. On ff. 2-4v, elaborate red penwork arches, each slightly different, occupy the upper third of the page. Headings throughout in carmine ink. Evidence of red fore edge tabs marking the beginning of each gospel. Beginning leaves of vol. 1 and ending leaves of vol. 2 damaged from smoke and water.
Notes: Greek
Number of Texts: 15

Text 1: Vol. 1, f. 1 blank; f. 1v
Title: Miniature of Matthew
Language(s): Greek

Text 2: Vol. 1, ff. 2-4; f. 4v blank
Title: Chronicle
Language(s): Greek
Notes: On added leaves, a chronicle, similar in part to that of Hippolytus of Thebes, from the creation to ca. 1250; printed from this manuscript by E. J. Goodspeed, "The Bixby Gospels," University of Chicago Historical and Linguistic Studies in Literature related to the New Testament ser. 1, 2 (1915) 123-52. Transposed in binding, folios 2 and 3. 

Text 3: Vol. 1, ff. 5-11; ff. 11v-12 blank
Title: Menology
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Menology, 1 Septermber-31 August, but with loss of 2 leaves after f. 6 containing 12 December-22 January. 

Text 4: Vol. 1, ff. 13-14
Title: Gospel readings
Language(s): Greek
Notes: List of gospel readings for Saturdays and Sundays in Lent. 

Text 5: Vol. 1, ff. 14-20
Title: Synaxarium
Language(s): Greek

Text 6: Vol. 1, ff. 20v-21
Title: Letter of Eusebius to Carpianus
Language(s): Greek

Text 7: Vol. 1, ff. 21-22v
Title: Eusebian canon tables
Language(s): Greek

Text 8: Vol. 1, ff. 23-24v
Title: Κεφάλαια for Matthew
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Ὑπόθεσις of the gospel of Matthew; printed in H. von Soden, Die Schriften des Neuen Testaments in ihrer ältesten erreichbaren Text gestalt (Göttingen 1913) I:1, p. 314 [120]; Κεφάλαια (68) for Matthew; four verses in honor of Matthew: ματθαίου τοδε ἔρχου . . . βροτὸν αὐτὸν ἐόντα; printed in von Soden, I:1, p. 373, 5; note added in a modern hand, τετραευάγγελον μονῆς τοῦ παντοκράτορος καὶ σωτῆρος χριστνῦ τὸν ἐν τῶ ᾄθω. 

Text 9: Vol. 1, ff. 25-124v
Title: Gospel of Matthew
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Gospel of Matthew in 357 sections, with some contemporary and later corrections and marginalia; cf. Goodspeed, p. 128. 

Text 10: Vol 1, ff. 125-127v
Title: Κεφάλαια for Mark
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Vol. 1, f. 125, ruled, but blank; f. 125v, full page miniature of Mark; f. 126, ruled, but blank; ff. 126v-127v, Κεφάλαια (48) for Mark. 

Text 11: Vol. 1, ff. 128-196v
Title: Gospel of Mark
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Gospel of Mark in 234 sections, with some contemporary and later corrections and marginalia; collated by Goodspeed. 

Text 12: Vol. 2, ff. 2v-5v
Title: Κεφάλαια for Luke
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Κεφάλαια (83) for Luke; f. 5, blank; f. 5v, full page miniature of Luke. 

Text 13: Vol. 2, ff. 6-118
Title: Gospel of Luke
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Gospel of Luke in 340 sections, with some contemporary and later corrections and marginalia; collated by Goodspeed. 

Text 14: Vol. 2, ff. 118v-119v
Title: Κεφάλαια for John
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Κεφάλαια (18) for John; f. 119: Miniature of John; f. 119v, ruled, but blank. 

Text 15: Vol. 2, ff. 120-210v
Title: Gospel of John
Language(s): Greek
Notes: Gospel of John in 232 sections, with some contemporary and later corrections and marginalia. On ff. 153-154v, pericope, John 7, 53-8, 11, added in the thirteenth century; collated by Goodspeed.