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Cambridge, Harvard University, Houghton Library,  MS Lat 215
Description: pp. 54 - Bound, ca. 1640, in brown calf by G. Murton (whose name is stamped on the binding). - Owned by Rev. John Mitford (1781-1859); bequest of Charles Sumner (1811-1874) to Harvard University, 1874. - De Ricci, p. 1019 (listed as Sumner 78a).
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Language: Latin; Greek; Dutch Century: 17th

Part 1: pp. 1-54
Description: - Paper - 220 x ? mm
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Assigned Date: s.XVI1/4Searchable Date Range: 1600 - 1625
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Notes: Latin
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Text 1: pp. 1-54
Title: Notae in Senecae atque aliorum tragoedias
Language(s): Latin; Greek; Dutch
Notes: Autograph manuscript, unsigned, in Latin and Greek, with marginal annotations in a different hand. Tipped in at front is an autograph letter, dated 1625 and signed by Pieter Schrijver to Grotius, referring to this manuscript. An additional two pages, written in a different hand in Dutch and Latin, are tipped in at the front, containing extracts from letters written by Grotius to Schrijver, referring to this manuscript. Contains two engraved portraits of Grotius, tipped in and mounted, one of which was done by Jan Lamsvelt.