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New Haven, CT, Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library,  Beinecke MS 254
Description: ff. iv + 103 + iv - between 1800 and 1829. Tan, diced goatskin, gold-tooled. Bound by C. Lewis (active in London 1807-36). - Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps (no. 3875). Purchased from L. C. Witten with funds from the Jacob Ziskind Charitable Trust in 1957. - Shailor, B. Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, MS 254.
Notes:-Manuscript on paper (rough; light brown) of 1) Tzetzes, Scholia in Hesiodi Opera et dies. 2) Hesiod, Opera et dies. The codex has been repaired extensively. Certain leaves have been replaced in different periods; in most cases the missing text was supplied in the same format. (Folios added later: 39, 68, 84, 94-97.)
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Language: Greek Country: Byzantine Empire Century: 14th
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Part 1:
Description: - paper - 191 x 144 (135 x 91) mm.
Country: Byzantine EmpireCardinal point:
Region: ByzantiumCity:
Assigned Date: 1301.Searchable Date Range: 1301 - 1301
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: The main text was written by a single copyist who used a well spaced, but crude, style of writing for the work of Hesiod, and a more cramped, abbreviated style for the commentary of Tzetzes. Numerous interlinear and marginal notes in several hands.
Notes: Title of work and simple initial on f. 1r in red; other ornamental initials, some of which incorporate animal motifs, in black. Diagrams, also in black ink, include: f. 67v (outer margin) mortar and pestle; f. 67v (lower margin) man driving a cart pulled by two oxen; f. 69v (lower margin) plow, with parts labelled. The manuscript is in poor condition with loss of text due to: faded ink, water stains, worm-holes, and repaired leaves. Binding: between 1800 and 1829. Tan, diced goatskin, gold-tooled. Bound by C. Lewis (active in London 1807-36).
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1:
Author: Hesiod.
Other Associate: Tzetzes, John 12th cent.
Title: Opera et dies, with scholia of Tzetzes.
Subjects: Hesiod.; Classical literature.; Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval.; Manuscripts, Medieval--Connecticut--New Haven.; Scholia.;
Language(s): Greek