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New Haven, CT, Yale University, Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library,  Beinecke MS 234
Description: ff. ii + 198 + ii - 18th-19th centuries. Brown calf blind- and gold-tooled. Cloth label attached to the spine reads "ARISTOTELIS OPERA VARIA G. M-S." - Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps (no. 890). Purchased from Laurence Witten with funds from the Jacob Ziskind Charitable Trust in 1957. - Shailor, B. Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, MS 234.
Notes:-Manuscript on paper (no watermarks), divided into five distinct parts. Part I: Aristotle, De caelo. Part II: Aristotle, De incessu animalium, with marginal notes drawn from Michael of Ephesus; De longitudine vitae; De iuventute. Part III: Porphyry, Isagoge, with marginal notes. Part IV: Aristotle, Categories. Part V: Aristotle, De interpretatione, with marginal commentary of Michael of Ephesus; Analytica priora; Analytica posteriora. With Scholia to Galen, De naturalibus facultatibus, De locis affectis, De elementis secundum Hippocratem.
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Language: Greek Country: Byzantine Empire Century: 14th
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Part 1:
Description: - paper - 230 x 151 mm.
Country: Byzantine EmpireCardinal point:
Region: ByzantiumCity:
Assigned Date: [between 1300 and 1400]Searchable Date Range: 1300 - 1400
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Part I (ff. 1r-51v): Written in a rather careless Greek minuscule by two scribes: Scribe 1, ff. 1r-16v; Scribe 2, ff. 17r-51v. Some marginal and interlinear notes by a later hand. Part II (ff. 52r-80v): Written in minuscule, large and rather careless, by Scribe 2 of part I; marginal and interlinear notes by same hand. Part III (ff. 81r-88v): Written in Greek minuscule, small and very neat (tops of letters close to but not touching ruling), by Scribe 3; marginal and interlinear notes in red by original scribe; notes in brown by a different hand. Part IV (ff. 89r-129v): Written in minuscule, large and rather careless, by Scribe 4, who adds flourishes in the margins; a few marginal notes by a later hand. Part V (ff. 130r-198v): Written in minuscule by several scribes: Scribe 5 (ff. 130r-176r), a small neat hand; Scribe 6 (ff. 177r-198v), a large and progressively more careless hand; f. 176v by a small, neat later hand. A few notes in margins by a later hand.
Notes: Part I: Diagrams, labelled by the original scribe: syllogisms, consisting of geometrical figures and other groups of curved or straight lines. One simple 2-line initial in red; line-fillers and heading also in red. Part II: Contains a few diagrams of syllogisms. Title in red crossed out and rewritten in blackish-brown; one 2-line initial in red. Part III: Four-line initials in red, with floral ornaments; red also used for headings, notes of original scribe, and diagrams of syllogisms. Part IV: Many diagrams of syllogisms with labels by the original scribe; some doodles in the margins. Part V: Spaces left for initials within the text were never filled. Water damage on ff. 9r-16v and ff. 161-174; Parts I and III eaten by worms. The pattern of the damage suggests that the parts of the manuscript were not originally bound together. Binding: 18th-19th centuries. Brown calf blind- and gold-tooled. Cloth label attached to the spine reads "ARISTOTELIS OPERA VARIA G. M-S."
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1:
Author: Aristotle.
Other Associate: Galen.
Other Associate: Porphyry ca. 234-ca. 305.
Title: De caelo; Porphyry, Isagoge; etc.
Subjects: Aristotle.; Michael, of Ephesus.; Classical literature.; Manuscripts, Medieval--Connecticut--New Haven.; Scholia.; Science, Ancient.;
Language(s): Greek