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Description: ff. 332 - Bound in green velvet, quite worn and rebacked, over wooden boards, with the arms of Stuart encircled by the collar of the Order of the Bath (?) impressed in blind on both covers, now barely visible. - Written in Flanders toward the end of the fifteenth century. Unidentified coat of arms in the lower margin of f. 1: tierced in pale, 1, per fess, in chief, chequy or and azure a bordure gules (Counts of Dreux; Rietstap, vol. 1, pl. 226), and in base, or 2 pallets azure a chief gules; 2, azure 2 crosses flory or in chief and in base; 3, per fess, in chief, or 2 pallets azure a chief gules, and in base, chequy or and azure a bordure gules; en surtout an escutcheon gules 3 hands sinister or. Belonged to Jean Baptiste Denis Guyon de Sardière, son of Mme de la Mothe-Guyon, with his signature on ff. 1 and 332v; catalogued for his sale, Paris 1759, lot 2188; the collection, however, was bought en bloc by the Duc de la Vallière (1708-80) before the sale; not identified in La Vallière's catalogue. Later acquired by Sir Charles Stuart, Baron Stuart de Rothesay (1779-1845), British Ambassador to Paris, 1815-30; Stuart sale, Sotheby's, 31 May 1855, lot 896 to Sir Thomas Phillips. Phillipps' small paper label on spine, 17700. Acquired by the Huntington Library at the Phillipps sale, Sotheby's, 30 November 1965, lot 33 with plates of ff. 1 and 62. - Chronica, 6.
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Language: French Country: Flanders Century: 15th
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Part 1: ff. 1-332v
Description: - Paper - Briquet, Armoiries, trois fleurs de lis 1741, Troyes 1470; and Ancre 393, Paris 1479 - 285 x 385 mm - 1-178 188^8#(-8, after f. 143) 19-418(-8, after f. 143) 19-418 428(-5, 6, 7). Catchwords written horizontally in inner right corner, often cropped; quires and leaves signed with letters of the alphabet (a-z, tironian 7, "cum" abbreviation, then again from a on) and roman numerals. 2 columns of 44 lines, ruled in lead with single bounding lines; slash-form pricking visible in the 3 outer margins.
Country: FlandersCardinal point:
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Assigned Date: s. XVexSearchable Date Range: 1485 - 1499
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Script: Bâtarde
Figurative Decoration: Miniatures in water color grisaille with pink, red, gold or green for accent. The underlying sketches of the 2 large miniatures, ff. 1 and 62, are still visible; that on f. 1 includes pentimenti of 2 small grinning dogs in the foreground (caricature?). Opening miniature, f. 1, 31 lines in height, and width of both columns, depicting the coronation of Edward III; full border in floral pattern of black, gold and red. On f. 62, 24-line miniature of the celebration for the institution of the Order of the Garter. Four smaller miniatures, the width of one column: ff. 112, 163v, 204, 265. Initials, some with cadel designs (ff. 7v, 69, 82v, 145v, 155 and 157), rubrics, and paragraph marks in red ink.
Notes: Incorrect early modern foliation at lower right corner of text. Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-332v
Author: Jehan de Wavrin
Title: Chroniques d'Engleterre
Language(s): French
Incipit: Ad fin que vous sachies la cause pour quoi ne a quel tiltre les guerres de france et d'engleterre encomnencerent premierement
Explicit: descouvert a bbrestmoustier ou il fut enterre de lez madame phelipe de henault sa femme. Et atant prent fin le Second voulumne de ces croniques d'engleterre Et commencera le Tiers au curonnement du Ieune Roy Richard Iadis filz au noble prince de galles. Cy fine le second voulume des croniques d'engleterre.
Notes: Volume 2 of 6 volumes, covering the years 1337-77. Portions edited by William Hardy and Edward Hardy (pts. 4, 5), Recueil des Croniques et Anchiennes Istories de la Grant Bretaigne, a present nomme Engleterre, par Jehan de Waurin. RS 39 (London 1864-91); the edition covers only the years to 688 and 1399-1471.