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Description: ff. ii + 112 - Wooden boards and 17th century stamped calf. - Bought 1884 by J.J. Astor. - De Ricci, 1321.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 0
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Language: Latin; French Country: Flanders Century: 15th

Part 1: ff. 1-112v
Description: - Parchment - 196 x 133 mm - 18 long lines per page (33 in calendar), ruled in ink and red pencil. Prickings visible.
Country: FlandersCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XV2Searchable Date Range: 1450 - 1499
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;2
Script: Gothic
Artist(s): Master of Willem van BossuytMaîtres aux Yeux Bridés
Figurative Decoration: 11 miniatures.
Other Decoration: Large red and blue initials on gold fields. 3-line gold initials on red and blue fields. 1-line blue and gold initials with blue and red penwork.
Notes: On f. 83r-v, the second scribe writing a cursive hand with text in French. For attribution of the artists (the five full-page miniatures to the Master of Willem van Bossuyt, and six others to one of the Maîtres aux Yeux Bridés), see J. H. Marrow, "The Master of Gerard Brilis," in M. Hofmann and C. Zöhl, eds., Quand la peinture était dans les livres: mélanges en l'honneur de François Avril (Turnhout: Brepols, 2007) p. 188 fn. 21. Latin
Acknowledgments: - We thank Paula L. Pumplin for the reference to the article by James Marrow, and thus for the attributions of the artists.
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: ff. 1-111
Title: Incipiunt horae de sancta cruce Book of hours, use of Tournai
Language(s): Latin; French
Incipit: Domine labia mea aperies. Et os meum annunciabit laudem tuam
Explicit: per omnia secula seculorum. Amen. Dominus vobiscum. Et cum spiritu tuo. Requiescant in pace. Amen.
Notes: French used on f. 83r-v. On f. 31, "Canticum angelorum secundum usum tornacensem."