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Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library at Indiana University,  Ricketts 225
Description: ff. 74 - Bound in blind-stamped brown morocco, c. 1900, by Leighton, gilt edges; in a green cloth case. - Perhaps Michel d’Ailly, sixth duc de Chaulnes (1714-1769, but not identifiable in his sale catalogue, Paris, 19 March 1770 and following days); probably George Watson Taylor (1771-1841), M. P. and owner of plantations in Jamaica, whose sale, Evans, 20 March 1823, included as lot 463, a fifteenth-century illuminated manuscript of Caesar and Suetonius, on vellum; Thomas Thorpe, cat. II (1823), no. 5745, and cat. III (1824), no. 16518; Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792–1872), bought from Thorpe, his MS 2665; his sale, Sotheby’s, 10 June 1896, lot 1182 (it was at one time in the library of the Duc de Chaulnes), unsold, re-offered 5 June 1899, lot 1107; Alfred Higgins, F.S.A. (d. 1903; bought in May 1903: he died in October), with his signature and booklabel; his sale, Sotheby’s, 2 May 1904, lot 228; Michael Tomkinson (1841-1921); his sale, Sotheby’s, 3 April 1922, lot 878, to Quaritch; C. L. Ricketts, bought in 1923; acquired by the Lilly Library with the Ricketts Collection in 1961. - Schenkl 1892, p. 51; De Ricci 1935, p. 652; Ermatinger 1991, passim.
Notes:-The forth part of a divided copy of Caesasr's Commentariiand Suetonius's Lives of the nine caesars from Caligula to Domitian. See deHamel 2010 for details.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 1
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Language: Latin Country: Italy Century: 15th

Part 1: ff. 74
Description: - Parchment - 254 x 161 mm - Collation: i6 [perhaps of 10, for i??“iv], ii??“vi10, vii10 [misbound, the correct sequence of the leaves being 57??“58 and 61??“68], viii8 [of 10, ix??“x canceled (probably blank), misbound, the correct sequence of the leaves being 59??“60 and 69??“74], with vertical catchwords in red ink readable from the left; ruled faintly in brown, probably in ink, 32 lines, writtenspace 163 mm. by 90 mm.
Country: ItalyCardinal point:
Region: City: Rome?
Assigned Date: s. XV3/4Searchable Date Range: 1450 - 1475
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: Two
Script: Humanistic minuscule
Figurative Decoration: Bas-de-page white-vine panel on fol. 1r enclosing a coat-of-arms within a wreath.
Other Decoration: Written in brown ink in a small upright humanistic minuscule, Greek words originally left blank and supplied in a less formal hand in red; eight large 4- to 5-line white-vine illuminated initials, with partial marginal extensions.
Notes: Names of the emperors added in a later hand, probably seventeenth-century. Latin
Number of Texts: 2

Text 1: ff. 1r-74r
Author: Suetonius
Title: De Vita Imperatorum
Title: Lives of the Caesars
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Germanicus c. Cesaris pater Drusi
Explicit: principium, finit, feliciter, Amen.
Notes: Colophon: Detur pro penna scriptori pulcra puella 
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f. 1r   Opening of the life of Caligula. Bas-de-page white-vine panel on fol. 1r enclosing a coat-of-arms within a wreath.

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Text 2: f. 74r-v
Title: Familie nobiles Romanorum, Familie eorundem plebeie
Title: List of noble families of Rome
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Hostilii
Explicit: Portii