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Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library at Indiana University,  Ricketts 107
Description: 5 cuttings - Not bound. - Anne of Brittany (1477-1514) and her husband Louis XII (1462-1515, king of France 1498-1515); C. L. Ricketts, bought from Joseph Martini, 1914; acquired by the Lilly Library with the Ricketts Collection in 1961. - De Ricci 1935, p. 633.
Notes:-Similar excised strips of borders, trimmed to shape exactly like the Ricketts fragments, are in Paris, École des Beaux-Arts, Mn. Mas 141 (five strips, cf. Notice des dessins 1927, p. 10, no. 30); Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Preussischer Kulturbesitz, 4012 (five album pages of strips and small initials, cf. Finke 1966, pp. 43–45, no. 62, pls. 18–19); and Tours, Bibliothèque municipale, ms 2273 c (an L-shaped piece, a reference kindly given by François Avril). Horizontal cuttings which included lines of text were illustrated in a sale by Delorme—Collin du Bocage, Hôtel Drouot, Paris, 15 December 2004, lot 8 (from the second Sunday of Advent); Ferrini, cat. 1 (1987), no. 64, afterwards Sotheby’s, 29 November 1990, lot 39 (from quinquagesima Sunday); Les Enluminures, Mélodies sur parchemin, cat. 2004, no. 24, afterwards Sotheby’s, 6 December 2005, lot 21 (from Ash Wednesday); and offered for sale in 2010 by the Librairie ancienne Bruno Sepulchre (from the first Friday in Lent). A complete leaf of text is now at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, MS 6, with part of the third Sunday after Easter (de Ricci 1935, p. 1068). The Wellesley leaf preserves the full page size of 657 mm. by 495 mm., with six lines of text and of music within a written-space of 515 mm. by 355 mm., the 4-line musical staves being 42 mm. high and 45 mm. between staves. The writing was on an unusually monumental and princely scale. The identifiable texts indicate that the volume comprised part if not all of the Temporal.
Number of Parts: 1 - Number of Images Available: 1
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Language: Latin Country: France Century: 15th

Part 1: 5 cuttings
Description: - Parchment - 371 x 59 mm - Five strips of border ornament
Country: FranceCardinal point:
Region: City: Paris, probably
Assigned Date: s. XV/XVISearchable Date Range: 1490 - 1510
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes:
Music: Evidence of muscial staves
Figurative Decoration: Multiple-shaped compartments of blue and gold acanthus leaves on blue or plain grounds dotted in black, or of coloured flowers on liquid gold grounds dotted in black, one with a bird, (a) vertical, a left-hand margin, 371 mm. by 59 mm., including the letter ‘A’ in rustic design in gold enclosing the heraldic ermine of Brittany, verso with the extreme ends of musical staves in red, each 14 mm. apart and 45 mm. between lines of music, (b) horizontal, an upper margin, formerly joined at the corner with the previous piece, 47 mm. by 265 mm., including the letters ‘L’ and ‘A’ in rustic designs in gold, (c) vertical, 524 mm. by 63 mm., (d) vertical, 319 mm. by 53 mm., including the royal arms of France surmounted by a crown and two panels with alternating lozenges of the fleur-de-lys of France and the ermine of Brittany, and (e) vertical, 510 mm. by 49 mm., including the letter ‘L’ in rustic design in red threaded through a gold crown, the letter ‘A’ in rustic design in red surmounted by a gold crown and enclosing the ermine of Brittany, and the royal arms of France surmounted by a crown and two triangular compartments with alternating lozenges of the fleur-de-lys and ermine; all but (b) blank on versos.
Notes: Coat of arms: including the royal arms of France surmounted by a crown and two panels with alternating lozenges of the fleur-de-lys of France and the ermine of Brittany. These borders are from a vast and opulent choirbook filled with the devices and initials of Anne of Brittany and the royal arms of France, including the initials ‘A’ (Anne) and ‘L’ (Louis), which dates the manuscript to 1499–1514. It must have been made for one of the royal chapels, possibly the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, or for one of her private chapels at Amboise or Blois. It was cut up by 1840, to judge from the observation in Le Roux de Lincy 1860–61, II, p. 86. Latin
Number of Texts: 1

Text 1: 5 cuttings
Other Associate: Anne of Brittiany, Louis XII
Title: Choir Book, Gradual
Language(s): Latin
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