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San Marino, Huntington Library, HM 00150
Description: ff. 194 - Bound, s. XVIII, in tan calf by Thomas Elliott, blind tooled in a panel pattern with a carnation at each corner of the panel. See H. Nixon, "Harleian Bindings," Studies in the Book Trade in Honour of Graham Pollard. Oxford Bibliographical Society Publications n.s. 18 (1975), 153-94, and especially plate 15, no. 8; for variant forms of the carnation tool, see J. B. Oldham, Shrewsbury School Library Bindings (Oxford 1943) 115 n. 2; rebacked; original spine laid down. The same binding is on HM 00143 and Lawrence, University of Kansas, Spencer Library, MS B61, a mid-fourteenth century register of writs [NB: date of Kansas manuscript corrected in 2012 from date cited in the 1987 printed HEH catalogue]. - Earl of Ailesbury sale, London, 21 November 1687, p. 85 n. 91 to James Sotheby, who signed his name on f. 4; also on f. 4 "I 4 2200[?]." Armorial bookplate of C. W. H. Sotheby on the front pastedown, with the note "Bought at Lord Burgleys sale 1702 for L. 1-2." Col. H. G. Sotheby sale, Sotheby's, 24 July 1924, lot 96 with plate of f. 13v to A. S. W. Rosenbach for Henry E. Huntington. - C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). De Ricci, 59-60. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscripts (forthcoming).
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Language: English Latin Country: England Century: 15th
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Part 1: ff. 1-194v
Description: - Parchment - 158 x 230 mm - 14 2-258(first leaf of quire 1 and last leaf of quire 25 are stubs and appear to have been used as pastedowns); inner bifolium of quire 16 has been reversed, transposing ff. 119-120. Catchwords in center lower margin, enclosed in brown ink frames on quires 2-5, and in a blue and red ink frame on quire 22 (f. 171v). Quire 2, the first text quire, signed with a plus sign and roman numerals; other quires with a letter and roman numerals. 32 lines of verse, ruled in ink with top and bottom 2 lines full across; slash prick marks in upper, lower and outer margin; double pricking in the outer margin at the penultimate line.
Country: EnglandCardinal point:
Region: City:
Assigned Date: s. XV1Searchable Date Range: 1400 - 1450
Dated by scribe: NoInscribed Date:
Document: NoNumber of Scribes: ;
Script: Textura
Figurative Decoration: On f. 13v, a 3/4 page miniature, 135 × 105 mm., depicting Gower as an archer in aristocratic dress, shooting an arrow at the world, which is divided into sections representing water, earth and sky, and surmounted by a cross and banner; iconographically related to Glasgow, University Library, Hunterian T.2.17 (59), f. 6v; London, Brit. Lib., Cotton Tiberius A. iv, f. 9v; and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud misc. 719, f. 21, all 3 being copies of the Vox Clamantis.
Other Decoration: 5- and 4-line parted red and blue initials, infilled with leaf designs, with red, blue and pale olive flourishing on cascade borders; 3- and 2-line blue initials with red pen flourishing.
Notes: Latin
Acknowledgments: - We thank Kathleen L. Scott for the iconographic information linking this manuscript with those in Glasgow, London and Oxford.
Number of Texts: 4

Text 1: ff. 4-183v
Author: John Gower
Title: Vox clamantis
Title: Incipit Cronica que Vox clamantis dicitur, In huius opusculi principio intendit compositor describere
Language(s): English
Incipit: Scripture veteris capiunt exempla futuri
Explicit: Que meruit fata sunt sibi fine data. Explicit libellus qui intitulatur Vox clamantis.
Notes: G. C. Macaulay, ed., The Complete Works of John Gower (Oxford 1902) "Latin Works" 4:3-313; this manuscript described on pp. lxv-lxvi where it is said to be related to London, Brit. Lib., Cotton Tiberius A.iv in text and spelling; see also J. H. Fisher, John Gower, Moral Philosopher and Friend of Chaucer (New York 1964) 101-02, where HM 150 is placed in the C Version, and dated on the basis of textual evidence between ca. 1392 and 1399. The first leaves, ff. 1-3v, blank except for modern title and verses, s. XV, on f. 1: " Si decies quinque cum quinque velis numerare/ ysak adde caput caput et ter nominum [?] illud" (a political prophecy? See Ward, Cat. of Romances, 1:311). On ff. 4-13v are the chapter list, the quatrain ("Ad mundum mitto mea iacula dumque sagitto. . ."), and the picture of Gower shooting at the world; the text itself begins on f. 14. The bifolium, ff. 119-120, is bound in reverse order. 

Text 2: ff. 184-188v
Author: John Gower
Title: Carmen super multiplici Viciorum Pestilencia
Title: Contra demonis astuciam in causa lollardie
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Quod patet ad limen instanti tempore crimen
Explicit: Pax manet absque dolo longaque vita datur. Explicit.
Notes: Macaulay, here skipping some verses with respect to the printed text: 346-48; 348-50; 352-54; 350-52. 

Text 3: ff. 188v-190v
Author: John Gower
Title: De lucis scrutinio
Title: Incipit tractatus de lucis scrutinio quam a diu viciorum tenebre prothdolor suffocarunt
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Heu quia per crebras humus est viciata tenebras
Explicit: Lucis solamen det sibi christus Amen. Explicit tractatus de lucis scrutineo.
Notes: Macaulay, 355-57. 

Text 4: ff. 190v-192v; ff. 193-194v blank
Author: John Gower
Title: O deus immense
Title: Incipit carmen quod Iohannes Gower tempore regis Ricardi secundi dum vixit ultimo composuit, O Deus inmense sub quo dominantur in ense
Language(s): Latin
Incipit: Cultor in ecclesia qui deficiente sophia
Explicit: Aufert hoc nemo quod dabis ipse deo. Explicit.
Notes: Macaulay, here skipping some verses with respect to the printed text: 362-64; 368; 367; 368.