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1. Medford, MA, Tufts University, Tisch Library Special Collections, MS 002
Description: - ff. 201;;Rebound, trimmed margins, missing leaves, no flyleaves - Late 18th or early 19th Century red leather with gilt Greek key pattern - Gift of Walter F. Welch, Jr., Class of 1928 - Travers, Mary. Contemplating Grace: Memories from a Manuscript: Catalogue and Interdisciplinary Study of Tufts University MS. 2, Hours of the Virgin [Senior Honors Thesis, Department of Art History]. Medford, MA: Tufts University, 2018.
Language:    Country: France   Century: 15th
Number of Images Available: 9
2. Medford, MA, Tufts University, Tisch Library Special Collections, Tufts University TFW MS 015
Description: - ff.114;;Rebound. Two foliations; the earlier, 15th Century foliation (1-115) in sepia ink contains a counting error. - Probably 19th Century binding in grey-brown leather over pasteboards - Copied for Nicholas of Siena OESA in Padua, Italy by one friar (order uncertian) named John of Cologne, 8 November 1398, as attested in colophon on f. 113v. Ownership mark of the Franciscan friary at Feltre, Italy on f. 2, in late 15th or early 16th Century hand. Bookplate of Theodore Craig London, who may be a correspondent known in the papers of author and poet Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947, whose literary estate is held by the Liverpool Record Office. Acquired for the public library of Wigan, UK by librarian Henry Tennyson Folkard in February, 1901, per note on upper flyleaf, five-digit shelfmark (38,346) on verso of upper flyleaf, and small adhesive lable ("Case 13") affixed to upper cover.
Language: LATIN   Country: Italy   Century: 14th
Number of Images Available: 14
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